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is this how it's done? [Sep. 21st, 2005|01:38 pm]
Music Fans


[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |one in every crowd // viva voce]

new new new.

to me anyway.

indie-emo scene.

[deserve a listen. they will make you say "...," meaning nothing. because you'll feel that happy. promise. striking lead vocalist; she is infectious. suggestion: chuy or yes/no.]

half-handed cloud
[talk. about. odd. they kind of remind me of atom & his package. completely random lyrics and sounds. i'm talking flatulance and consistant la-la-la-la-la's and talk of meat cravings. suggestion: quail or we're very greatly loved.]

liz janes
[a soul-sistah. she's got some scat and gospel in her as well, i'm sure. i liked her, then didn't like her, then decided i was undecided, but willing to give her a second, third, fourth, maybe even a fifth chance. just until she finds her groove. or i find her groove. whichever comes first. suggestion: proposition.]

the books
[their beats make me hungry. and dizzy. mostly instrumental, with random thoughts thrown in for good measure; to make sure you're getting the big picture, i suppose. suggestion: that right ain't shit.]

the weakerthans
[a bit poppish. unfortunetly, i took to them right away. i like john k's sense of style. suggestion: one great city! or the last last one.]

[not really new. i've seen them live an unfathomable number of times. jonah is just a neat kinda guy with a beautiful, raw voice and an innate sense of music that has the ability to make you say wow. nevertheless, an acquired taste. i've had the pleasure of sharing his company, his thirst for completely random conversation, and a guaranteed spot in the crowd when he's playing in my neck of the woods. suggestion: but it was close.]