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bensweeklyband's Journal

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Hello my name is Ben (dramacomic). I run this place. It's pretty good times. If you're reading this and you're not in the community, please join and post! :) I am always nurturing, encouraging, and supportive of new members (or at least I try).

Bands listed in interests are past/current bands of the week (or is it band of the weeks?). However, music conversation is never limited to just that band, it's more of just a fallback in case nothing else is posted. Small band promotions, radio songs, requests, and download ideas are among many topics that you can post about. I hate to make rules, but I will make one: We would all appreciate MUSIC to be the common topic of all posts though, and if it's not at all music related, it belongs elsewhere and may be deleted without notice.

Okay one more rule: No name calling. You can post any music opinions you wish, but if you don't agree with someone else's, ask them to back it up or ignore it, don't call them an idiot. My goal is to pool everyone's knowledge and opinions and expand other members' musical taste, so always bear that in mind first.

Respectfully submitted,